They may be classed as light tanks, but these Soviet T-70s prove too heavy for the ice on a frozen lake.

The Red Army’s shrewd placement of ML-20 Gun-Howitzers allows for penetrating long-range bombardments.

A German Tiger takes on two Soviet T-34s in vicious street-by-street fighting for the Polish city of Lublin.

Replenishing body heat is vital to surviving the freezing Russian winter.


  • Engage in exhilarating tactical combat as you co-ordinate infantry, vehicles and artillery units in crucial real-time battles.
  • Take the fight to the Eastern Front of World War II as you repel the enemy in this pivotal episode of 20th century history.
  • Use the environment to your advantage as you position your troops behind cover and force your enemies into retreat as you advance from the icy Russian Steppe to the rubble-strewn streets of Berlin.
  • Take command of historically-accurate units: tanks, artillery and soldiers, to recreate decisive Eastern Front battles in brilliant detail.
  • Choose to command the Wehrmacht or the Red Army in Theater of War missions, a series of one-off scenarios, battles and challenges set on an unrivalled selection of maps.
  • Put your tactics to the test by playing against or alongside up to 7 other players in thrilling online multiplayer battles: Mac-Mac on the Mac App Store and Mac-Linux on Steam.