Ettelbruck Station

Faymonville Approach

Hürtgen Forest

La Gleize

Lanzerath Ambush

Lienne Forest


Vaux Farmlands

A convoy of US tanks and infantry assault a heavily fortified German position.

Under heavy fire, the American frontline holds Elsenborn Ridge.

Your mission briefing: execute a pincer movement against a town’s German occupiers.

American GIs, each from a different company with its own distinct skillset.

Paratroopers arrive to bolster a defensive position.

US Riflemen attack an old manor house occupied by German troops.

A situation map of the Ardennes shows US territory in blue and German territory in red.

A US P-47 Thunderbolt provides close air support for a thrust by infantry and mechanized armor.

Arnhem Checkpoint

Gelsenkirchen Refinery

Port of Hamburg

Lorch Assault

Essen Steelworks

Heidelberg Crossings


Across the Rhine


All expansion packs are included in the Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection
available from the Feral Store and the Mac App Store.

Change the course of multiplayer warfare.

The Western Front Armies expansion pack contains two additional armies: the versatile US Forces and the highly experienced Oberkommando West, as well as eight new maps set in the French and Belgian countryside. These armies are deployed in Skirmish mode, which can be played either online or offline.

Oberkommando West

Despite being challenged by a German economy shattered after years of continuous war, the Oberkommando West still manages to field some impressively heavy armor. 70-ton King Tiger tanks are supported by well-trained infantry; assault Sturmpioneers lead the way while highly capable Volksgrenadiers are a threat to enemy infantry and vehicles alike.

US Forces

The US Forces are an adaptable army that will bend but not break. It possesses extremely versatile infantry and vehicles. Fast light and medium armored vehicles, like the iconic M4A3 Sherman, provide mobile firepower to support Riflemen, while elite Paratroopers and airpower disrupt the enemy behind their front lines.

Key Units

  • Sturmpioneer Squad

    Unlike regular engineer units, Sturmpioneers are potent fighting against infantry. Equipped with the StG44 Assault Rifle, they are very effective at medium to close range and as a flanking squad.

  • Lieutenant

    The Lieutenant hits the field equipped with the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle and a Thompson submachine gun, granting the player a massive boost in firepower.

  • Jagdpanzer IV

    The Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer is an excellent anti-armor platform with sufficient range and punch to penetrate most armor. Not effective versus infantry.

  • Captain

    The Captain and his squad are heavily armed and can improve the effectiveness of nearby infantry by immediately granting them veteran status. Highly effective at medium range against infantry and vehicles.

  • King Tiger

    The infamous King Tiger is a heavy tank with unmatched armor and firepower. However, like all Heavy Tanks, it is susceptible to flanking due to its slow turret rotation and turning speeds.

  • M26 Pershing

    The pinnacle of United States World War II Tank development. This monster heavy tank uses an M3 90mm as its main gun, the same used on the M36 Jackson tank destroyer. Can engage all targets.


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Commander Packs

Two Commander packs for The Western Front Armies are available separately, each offering a new style of play with a unique combination of five combat abilities.

  • Elite Armored Doctrine

    With this ability you gain access to superior equipment and experienced crewmen to augment your armored forces. Use the Panzer IV with veteran Panzer Commanders to spearhead an assault.

  • Recon Support Company

    This agile Commander will provide vital intel using forward observers and high altitude recon sweeps, enabling you to swiftly respond to enemy movements with M8 Greyhound armored cars and anti-tank gun-equipped paratroopers.

  • Scavenge Doctrine

    Use this ability to optimize your scavenging operations. With a stockpile of resources, artillery can pound enemy positions. Use light infantry to disrupt enemy supplies and lay traps.

  • Mechanized Company

    Take advantage of a wide range of light US vehicles and air support for advancing infantry units. As the battle escalates withdraw your lighter units and replace them with more armored counterparts.

  • Fortifications Doctrine

    Construct advanced defensive structures with this ability to hold back the enemy at all costs! Use heavy weapons and artillery to repel any enemy breakthroughs.

  • Rifle Company

    Add the Rifleman to your company and take advantage of this unit's versatility and individual firepower. Call on your mobile vehicles and deploy a smokescreen to support the Rifleman advance.

The Western Front Armies is available on Steam as a stand-alone game that offers a great entry point to Company of Heroes 2’s multiplayer. It can also be used with the Company of Heroes 2 base game.

All expansion packs are included in the Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection
available from the Feral Store and the Mac App Store.

Command the US Forces in the Battle of the Bulge.

Lead the US army against an unpredictable and desperate German war machine in a fast-paced single-player campaign focused on the mountainous Ardennes region of Belgium.

  • Maneuver the American army across 18 dynamic scenarios in Ardennes Assault, a single-player standalone expansion for WWII real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2.
  • Fight on one of WWII’s key battlegrounds at the heart of a historic clash described by Churchill as “undoubtedly the greatest American battle of the War”.
  • Devise your own strategy for defeating the ferocious German forces by taking on missions in any order you choose.
  • Shape the outcome of each mission with one of three Companies: the versatile Airborne unit, the unrelenting Mechanized Infantry or the heavy-hitting Support unit, each with its own abilities and upgrades.


A standalone title in the venerable franchise that is wholeheartedly worth exploring.
Hardcore Gamer
It's such a step forward that it could have been called Company of Heroes 3.
Vandal Online
A must for fans of Company of Heroes 2.
With a non-linear campaign structure and thrilling missions, Ardennes Assault earns a high recommendation.
Gaming Nexus
An adept interweaving of the strategic, tactical, and personal facets of warfare.
The best game in the Company of Heroes series.
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Fox Company Rangers DLC

Fox Company Rangers DLC adds an elite fighting force to the player's army. Fox Company is a powerful and flexible infantry, that uses small teams to harass larger and more powerful forces. Combine this tactic with Fox Company's ability to field units rapidly, call in precision artillery and deadly M83 Cluster Bomb airstrikes to control the battlefield, even in the toughest of situations.

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On the Mac App Store, Fox Company DLC is included in the Ardennes Assault expansion.

All expansion packs are included in the Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection
available from the Feral Store and the Mac App Store.

Fight for King and Country with the British Forces.

The British Forces is a standalone multiplayer expansion for WWII real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2. Command the soldiers of the British Isles and Commonwealth in the aftermath of the D-Day landings as they fight their way across northwest Europe and into Nazi Germany.

Unique Units

AEC MK. III Armored Car

Hunt down and destroy enemy vehicles with this highly maneuverable and well-armed armored car.


The Sniper's low rate of fire is offset by his long-range effectiveness against infantry, support weapons and even light vehicles.

Centaur AA

A slow but well-armed mobile weapons system that will destroy enemy infantry and lightly armored vehicles with ease. Also effective against aircraft.

Crocodile Churchill

The British Forces' best tank – this variant comes equipped with a flamethrower to deal with infantry. The Crocodile can soak up tremendous amounts of damage before having to retreat.

Infiltration Commandos

The perfect infiltration unit that's well camouflaged and can spawn out of houses to catch your enemy by surprise. Effective against infantry and even light vehicles.

‘Land Mattress’ Multiple Rocket Launcher

Pummel the enemy's massed infantry and static armor with the Land Mattress's powerful rockets. Slow to move but can be extremely effective.

8 new multiplayer maps

Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces is an excellent multiplayer expansion pack for veteran players, while it's also a great entry point for newcomers with its standalone design.
Gaming Nexus
By offering players a choice between the Hammer and the Anvil, Relic has prevented the British Army from feeling like a re-tread of the formula established in the original game. An excellent addition.
There's a lot to enjoy here, and for newer players who need a little early help, the British Forces are a godsend.
If you still haven’t played Company of Heroes 2, The British Forces is a good reason to do it.
Riot Pixels
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British Commanders DLC

Commanders empower your army with specialist abilities and units, enabling you to tailor your tactics according to the battlefield situation. The British Forces comes with three Commanders: Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery Regiment and the Royal Engineer Regiment. Five additional Commanders are available as DLC.

Advanced Emplacement Regiment

Batten down the hatches with this defensive regiment. With this Commander active, Infantry can be utilised to build defensive structures. The Counter Battery ability will boost your artillery buildings and combat enemy siege tactics. Calling in the Precision Barrage artillery strike will disrupt and scatter enemy formations.

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Mobile Assault Regiment

Take the fight to the enemy with this aggressive regiment. Ambush the enemy with Commandos and use your Flamethrowers to clear out garrisoned infantry. The Advance Cover Combat ability will protect your infantry during open area advances, while the Land Mattress rocket artillery can dislodge entrenched enemies in their way.

Coming Soon

Tactical Support Regiment

Boost units in the field with this specialized support regiment. Its Command Vehicles will improve nearby forces, while the air support it offers can be used to supply equipment to your frontline troops. Use this regiment’s Forward Observation Post to spot threats in advance.

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Special Weapons Regiment

Bolster your army's firepower with advanced weaponry. Equip your Infantry with anti-tank weapons, and use Half-tracks and Typhoon strafing runs to provide support for your frontline troops. The Coordinated Fire ability and the devastating Crocodile flamethrower tanks can be employed to finish the job.

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Vanguard Operations Regiment

Spearhead your advance with powerful air and ground support. Launch the Forward Logistics Glider to provide early field support, then advance quickly with the Raid Operation ability, calling for Strafing Support if you need to maintain air supremacy. The potent Vanguard Operations Crocodile can be deployed in order to make the decisive thrust into enemy territory.

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In the Steam version of The British Forces, these Commanders are available to purchase separately through the in-game store. On the Mac App Store, these Commanders are included in The British Forces expansion.

The British Forces is available on Steam as a standalone game that offers a great entry point to Company of Heroes 2's multiplayer. It can also be used with the Company of Heroes 2 base game.