Vote El Presidente! Or else.


Your Avatar represents your presence in Tropico as El Presidente, father of the nation. Using your Avatar you can mingle with the people, visit farms to inspire the workers or give moving speeches from the balcony of the presidential palace. Create your own Presidente or pick a figure from history such as…
Che GuevaraManuel NoriegaFidel CastroEvita Perón


Before you begin your rule, choose your background, rise to power, qualities and flaws – traits that impact your performance as a leader and determine how you are initially perceived by superpowers, citizens, and Tropico’s factions. Traits can skew anything from USSR relations to tourism rating and building costs.


From Pop Singer to Professor, from Travel Agent to Secret Agent, there are so many possible personal histories to choose from. Harvard graduates are favoured by the US, and graduates of Moscow State University by the USSR. The Religious faction respects a Presidente who is a Biblical Scholar, but they won’t give a Booze Baron the time of day.


From religious appointment to military coup, from election as a Capitalist to installation by the CIA, there are many paths to power. How you came to rule Tropico influences the watching world’s opinion of your regime. You receive high democratic expectations if you were honestly elected, and low democratic expectations if you weren’t. The lower these expectations, the better you can get away with rigging the vote…


From a selection of qualities and flaws, you get to choose two of each. While the Green Thumb quality earns a thumbs-up from the Environmentalists faction, the Flatulence flaw demands a high salary for your palace guards (it’s only fair.)