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How to Survive

Utilise all of Amanda Ripley’s skills, insight and courage to survive the deadly environment of Sevastopol Station. Many fellow survivors and “Working Joe” androids are hostile, and the Alien itself never stops hunting.


  • Listen before moving. Stay alert to every sound, from the whisper of doors opening and closing, to the rhythm of footsteps and the conversations of fellow survivors.
  • Move with care. Speed equals noise; the faster you move, the more noise you make - so think before you sprint.
  • Use the vents. Labyrinthian vent systems snake the length and breadth of Sevastopol, from floor to overhead. They are a great way to get around, but the Alien can use them as well. So before pulling into a vent, always check for a string of drool…
  • Retreat if enemies suspect your presence, and sneak away to a safe hiding place.


  • Break the line of sight. If you find a hiding place, make sure that no one spots you climbing into it.
  • Hide in lockers, cabinets and under tables, but don’t assume you’re safe: the Alien may seek you out.
  • Look before you leap. Check the immediate environment before you break cover.
  • Hold your breath. If the Alien gets close it can pick up the sound of your breathing.


  • Use Seegson Security Bypass boxes to supply or cut off power to Sevastopol’s systems, from lights to camera feeds.
  • Remove panels with the Cutting Torch to reveal levers and switches that activate power generators or doors.
  • Override systems, doors and terminals with the Security Access Tuner.
  • Use the Maintenance Jack to release magnetic door locks.
  • Stay alert: when interacting with objects - even save points - you cannot see what’s behind you.


  • Craft your equipment secretly. Crafting leaves you vulnerable to attack, so do it somewhere dark and out of sight.
  • Use your Flashlight sparingly. A light beam can be useful, but may also attract unwanted attention.
  • Arm yourself. The Revolver has substantial ammunition, the Shotgun reloads fast and the Boltgun is extremely powerful, but they all make a lot of noise. If you prefer working at close range, the Stun Baton is effective against humans and Working Joes, while the Flamethrower may deter the Alien just long enough for you to escape.
  • Heal yourself. Craft Medkits to restore your health.
  • Check your Motion Tracker to see moving objects. If anyone or anything gets close, turn it off: you’re not the only one who can hear beeping.
  • Create distractions. Craft Flares, Noisemakers and Smoke Bombs to use as distractions or even draw the Alien to you and your fellow survivors....
  • Construct explosive devices. Use Pipe Bombs and Molotovs to stun and damage your pursuers, and activate EMP Mines to temporarily disable Working Joes.
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