Meet the Assassin, a new stealth-based enemy in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen for macOS and Linux

“The Chosen” are three unique enemies tasked by the Elders to recapture the Commander of XCOM. The Chosen present a constant threat, kidnapping your soldiers, sabotaging the Avenger, and growing ever stronger as your campaign progresses.

Due to her high status among the Elders and her unmatched close-range melee skills, the Assassin believes humanity is beneath her.

Her ability to vanish can get her close enough to unsuspecting soldiers, to attack them with her katana sword. She can stun and disorient groups of soldiers with Harbor Wave, an ability that sends a debilitating flood of psionic force.

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Please note: you must own XCOM 2 in order to play War of the Chosen.