Master the art of assassination across the world: perform hits in HITMAN Episode 3 – Marrakesh

All six episodes from the killer first season of HITMAN are now available on Linux from the Feral Store. Each episode features an intricate and multi-layered location to infiltrate and explore, brimming with opportunities and secrets, weapons and disguises, and, of course, targets to eliminate.

Welcome to Morocco, Agent 47. Cut through the crowds of vibrant Marrakesh, from the merchants in the bazaar to the angry mob massing outside the Swedish Consulate. Your marks are two coup plotters: Claus Strandberg, a fugitive banker who is holed up inside the Consulate, and would-be military strongman General Reza Zaydan, who has taken over an abandoned school with an elite squad of soldiers.

Scan the trailer below for a closer look at your targets in Marrakesh.