Races of the Old World – command the Greenskins in Total War: WARHAMMER

There are four formidable races in Total War: WARHAMMER, each with its own radically different play style, units, characteristics and abilities. Will you enter battle as The Empire, Dwarfs, Greenskins, or Vampire Counts?

The Greenskins make up the most barbaric and prolific raiding force in The Old World. Rather than a single race, they are a conglomeration of smaller sub-races, banded together by their like-minded brutality, lack of intelligence and lust for carnage. Greenskins lack any form of government, subscribing instead to a ‘might-makes-right’ ideology that sets the nastiest and sneakiest firmly at the top of the pecking order.

The variety and versatility of Greenskin armies and the brute strength of their warriors more than makes up for what they lack in intelligence and diplomacy. The vicious Greenskins are obsessed with combat, so if you choose them, plan for non-stop warfare.

Watch the trailer below for a closer look at the barbaric Orcs and Goblins of the Greenskin tribes. To learn more about the races, regions and perils of the Old World, visit the Total War: WARHAMMER minisite.