Total War: WARHAMMER shows its system requirements for Linux

Can your Linux rig conquer Warhammer’s Old World?

It can if it has a 3.4GHz Intel Core i3-4130 or 3.5GHz AMD FX6300 processor with 4GB RAM and a 1GB Nvidia 650ti/2GB AMD R9 270 graphics card* or better.

But for total dominion we recommend a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7-4770 processor with 8GB RAM and a 4GB Nvidia 970/4GB AMD RX 480 graphics card* or better.

*Nvidia cards require 367.28 drivers or newer. AMD cards require Mesa 13.0.1 drivers compiled using LLVM 3.9 or newer. AMD graphics cards are not supported when running SteamOS.