Lost Temple

The adventure begins with Indy and his guide Satipo trekking through the South American jungle to the Lost Temple of the Chipuayan Warriors in search of the Golden Idol. They brave numerous traps and puzzles as they search for the Idol. They barely escape as a giant boulder chases them out of the temple. Satipo betrays Indy to Rene Belloq and his Hovitos Tribesmen who force Indy to give them the Idol. Indy's friend Jock helps Indy escape in the seaplane and they return home.

Into the Mountains

Indy is back home teaching at Barnett College when he is asked to go on another adventure. This time to find the long lost Ark of the Covenant. In order to find it, Indy must travel to Nepal and find his old flame Marion who has the headpiece to the Staff of Ra. The headpiece can tell them where the Ark is hidden. Unbeknownst to Indy, Major Toht followed him to Nepal. Toht and his goons storm the Ravenwood Cafe and demand the headpiece. Indy and Marion barely escape the cafe and make their way through the mountains.

City of Danger

Indy and Marion barely escape Nepal through the mountains and arrive in Cairo to find their friend Sallah. They are chased through the streets by masked goons and German soldiers. Despite Indy's best efforts, Marion winds up being captured by the German soldiers chasing after them.

The Well of Souls

Saddened by the loss of Marion, Indy continues on with Sallah and finds the Well of Souls, the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant. They are discovered by Belloq and his goons who take the Ark after Sallah climbs out of the Well. As Belloq's goons slide the stone lid back over the Well's opening, Marion is dropped in with Indy and they are trapped.

Pursuing the Ark

Indy and Marion find a way out of the Well of Souls and fight their way through the German camps in order to retrieve the Ark. They find the Ark onboard a transport plane but have to battle a tough German boxer who gets in their way. After defeating the boxer, they discover that German soldiers have loaded the Ark onto a truck and driven away. Sallah shows up in the nick of time to help Indy catch up to the speeding truck and save the Ark.

Opening the Ark

Indy tries to take the Ark back home on a merchant ship but he is stopped by a German submarine. The soldiers take the Ark and Marion so Indy sneaks onto the sub. At the secret sub base Indy disguises himself as a German soldier so he and Marion can sneak past the army. Belloq captures them and opens the Ark. Fortunately for Indy and Marion a bunch of ghostly guys escape from the Ark and scare Belloq and the German soldiers until they break apart, freeing Indy and Marion to bring the Ark home.

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