Stud 1

Play through all three classic Indiana Jones movies and relive your favorite Indy adventures in the humorous world of LEGO.

Stud 2

Team up with a friend to battle enemies, solve puzzles and seek out the world's greatest treasures.

Stud 3

Use Indy's signature whip to attack enemies, swing over perilous pits and interact with a world of LEGO objects and puzzles.

Stud 4

LEGO characters are fully immersed in their environment; swim, climb, shimmy across rock ledges and pick up and carry objects.

Stud 5

Use weapons from the environment such as chairs, guns, swords, bottles and more to fight enemies.

Stud 6

Unlock more than 60 playable characters, each with unique abilities.

Stud 7

Mix and match the LEGO body parts of all playable characters! Create unique characters like Sallah Scott or Mola Round.

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