Bilbo Baggins

Recruited as a “burglar” to help the Dwarves reclaim their lost treasure, this Hobbit shows there’s more to him than meets the eye, especially once he finds the One Ring and learns to use its powerful magic.

Gandalf the Grey

Armed with his magical staff, Gandalf is a powerful Wizard of Middle-earth. He joins the quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug, but suspects that an even greater evil may have found its way back into the world…

Thorin Oakenshield

Proud leader of the Company of Dwarves, Thorin is determined to reclaim the Lonely Mountain, and his throne. He is armed with Orcrist, or “Goblin-cleaver”, an Elven sword that glows blue when goblins are nearby.


This wise and kindly old Dwarf is Thorin’s most trusted advisor. Despite his age, he remains a brave fighter, and many an Orc has fallen to his axe.


Dwalin is a fearless warrior with a fierce loyalty to Thorin. Armed with his trusty war-hammer, which he uses to smash Orcs and bash blocks into place, he is a crucial member of the company.


Good-natured Fíli joins the quest to help his uncle Thorin, but has little idea of the dangers ahead. Nevertheless, his ability to grow peculiar trampoline-like plants make him a valuable comrade.


Fíli’s brother Kíli is an expert markman and, according to himself, a great charmer of Elven women. As the youngest member of the Company of Dwarves, he is willing to take great risks to prove his worth.

Azog the Defiler

This cruel and ruthless Orc chieftain seeks revenge on Thorin for having cutting off his hand. With the remaining one he wields an enormous club that threatens Dwarves and Hobbits alike.


The long-standing rivalry between Elves and Dwarves means that Elf-prince Legolas quickly clashes with Thorin’s company. But when he discovers that the Orcs they fight are a threat to the Elves as well, he uses his bow and his incredible agility to fight alongside them.


Elf-king of the Woodland Realm, Thranduil is a nimble fighter who will go to any lengths to keep his kingdom safe, even if that means imprisoning Thorin and his company deep within the Elven Halls.


An adept fighter skilled with blades and a bow, Tauriel has earned the rank of Captain of the Elven Guard of Mirkwood. Her loyalty is absolute until she meets Thorin’s Company and the rather charming Kíli…


Bilbo first comes across this wretched creature in a dank cave hidden deep beneath the Misty Mountains. Though neither of them know it, Gollum holds the fate of Middle-earth in his bone-white hands.