Fletcher Class

The Fletcher-class is an absolutely state-of-the-art destroyer design, scheduled to come into service in early 1942. Much larger than normal destroyers, it is nearly comparable to a light cruiser both in size and armament. Armed with the new dual-purpose 5" guns, it is particularly strong in an AA role, though it is also a formidable submarine hunter thanks to its dual depth-charge launchers. Another interesting aspect of its design is the fact that both its torpedo-tube mounts can swivel to fire to either side of the ship, allowing it to unleash a formidable salvo of torpedoes that is capable of putting down an opponent of any size. These are very potent warships indeed.
In Service1942
Displacement (Tonnes)2924
Dimensions (Feet)376' 5" x 39' 7" x 13' 9"
Speed (Knots)35
Weapons5x 5"/38 DP gun, 4x 20mm Oerlikon AA gun, 1x 28mm quad AA gun, 6x torpedo tubes, depth charge racks

King George V. Class

These modern British battleships have very heavy armour, able to withstand all but the largest enemy guns, as well as enough firepower to sink any ship they come across. They could have had even heavier armament, but were built according to the restrictions of the Treaty of Washington, which restricted the maximum size of battleships that could be built. Their main weakness is the fact that their 14" main guns are mounted in just three turrets; if one of these malfunctions or is damaged then much of their firepower is lost.
In Service1940
Displacement (Tonnes)42,076
Dimensions (Feet)745' x 112'5" x 35'6"
Speed (Knots)20
Weapons10x 14"/45 gun, 16x 5"/50DP gun, 4x 28mm quad AA gun, 3x 20mm Oerlikon AA gun


The Yorktown-class carriers are the most modern aircraft carriers the United States has, and are built according to the latest carrier design theories. They carry a large complement of fighter and attack aircraft, and are capable of effectively engaging any target. The only weakness they possess is light underwater armour, which means they are vulnerable to torpedo attack.
TypeFleet Carrier
In Service1937
Displacement (Tonnes)25,000
Dimensions (Feet)761' x 83,25' x 25' 11,5"
Speed (Knots)20
Weapons8x 5"/ 25 gun, 2x 40mm Bofors AA gun, 1X 20mm Oerliken AA gun

Narwhal Class

Built in the late 1920s and commissioned in 1930, this submarine was designed for hunting down enemy commerce ships, either with its deck-mounted 5" gun or else with its six torpedo tubes. Like all submarines, it is very vulnerable when on the surface, thanks to its lack of armour and firepower, but submerged it is a danger to any ship.
In Service1930
Displacement (Tonnes)2730/3960
Dimensions (Feet)371' x 33' 3" x 15' 9"
Speed (Knots)30/15
Weapons1x 5"/25 gun, 1x M2.50" AA gun, 4x torpedo tubes forward, 2x torpedo tubes aft