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XCOM 2®: War of the Chosen is the expansion to the 2016 strategy game of the year.

War of the Chosen adds extensive new content in the fight against ADVENT when additional resistance factions form to eliminate the alien threat on Earth. In response, a new enemy known as the “Chosen” emerges with one goal: recapture the Commander of XCOM. The expansion includes new Hero classes to counter the “Chosen”, new enemies, missions, environments and increased depth in strategic gameplay.

War of the Chosen is included in the XCOM 2 Collection.

  • NEW FACTIONS & HERO CLASSESThree additional factions have emerged to strengthen Earth's resistance – the Reapers, Skirmishers and Templars – each with its own unique abilities and contrasting philosophies. These factions provide powerful hero class soldiers to aid in missions and new opportunities for the strategy layer.
  • NEW ENVIRONMENTS AND MISSION OBJECTIVESEngage in tactical missions across new environments – from abandoned cities devastated by alien bioweapons during the original invasion, to underground tunnels and xenoformed wilderness regions.
  • GREATER CUSTOMIZATION & REPLAYABILITYSoldiers can develop bonds with compatible teammates for new abilities and perks. The SITREP system dynamically adds new modifiers to the tactical layer to make sure every mission provides a unique challenge. Advanced campaign modifiers allow for finer adjustments to game length and difficulty.
  • SHARE THE RESISTANCECustomize and pose your soldiers, then add filters, text and backgrounds to generate your own unique resistance posters that appear in-game and can be shared with friends.
  • THE CHOSENThe Chosen are the most cunning enemies XCOM has ever faced, each with unique strengths and weaknesses that will be introduced with each new campaign. The Chosen are on the hunt for the Commander and will kidnap, interrogate, and kill XCOM’s soldiers to complete their objective. The Chosen can also invade the strategy layer and ravage XCOM’s global operations. Find and raid the Chosen’s strongholds to defeat the enemy for good.
  • NEW ALIEN & ADVENT THREATSA deadly new alien known as the Spectre, capable of creating dark copies of XCOM soldiers, has snuck onto the battlefield. Adopt new tactics to counter it as well as the explosive attacks of the ADVENT Purifier and the psionically charged ADVENT Priest.
  • ENHANCED STRATEGY LAYERManage XCOM’s relations with factions and counter the Chosen’s operations from the Avenger. Employ new Resistance Orders to prioritize your personal strategy. Soldiers, scientists and engineers can now be deployed for Covert Actions that award supplies and boost faction favor if successfully completed.
  • CHALLENGE MODEUtilize the perfect strategy in new regular one-shot community challenges to claim the top spot on the global leaderboard.

The Templar, a new Resistance faction, prepares to unleash a bolt of destructive Psionic Energy.

A soldier from the Reaper faction opens fire on a Sectoid using a Vektor rifle.

An XCOM Grenadier and an ADVENT Priest lock eyes.

Radiation mutates humans into hordes of indiscriminate killers known as The Lost.

The Assassin, one of the ADVENT Chosen, bears down on a Reaper.

The Warlock, one of three elite alien warriors that comprise the ADVENT Chosen.

A Skirmisher, a defector from ADVENT, snags an ADVENT Officer with his grappling hook.

XCOM soldiers sharpen their skills in the Training Centre.