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    Enemy armies are not the only challenges to overcome on the battlefield. Lead your soldiers through sudden and dramatic shifts in weather, such as torrential rain and sandstorms that impact the terrain and can turn the tide of battle in a instant. Beware too the threat of fire, as armies can quickly be engulfed in flames.


    Prove your right to become a Pharaoh, or a Great King of the Hittites by expanding your empire on a rich campaign map spanning Egypt, Canaan and Anatolia. Choose from eight Faction Leaders, each with unique playstyles and diverse unit rosters, and become a leader that history will remember — whether you are charming the courts as a peerless diplomat, charging into battle as a fearless commander or causing chaos as a notorious warlord.


    On your journey to becoming Pharaoh, uncover a lush, vibrant recreation of ancient Egypt. From the fertile banks of the Nile to the windswept deserts of the Sinai and the mountains of Anatolia, the beauty of the land is brought magnificently to life.


    With a brand-new Campaign Customisation feature, no two campaigns are the same. Determine how you play with an abundance of options, such as random starting positions for all factions, detailed resource settings, and the ability to manipulate natural disasters. Stack the odds against yourself for an added challenge, or tilt them in your favour to breeze to victory.