Features roundup: What to get hyped about in Tropico for iPad

With the cries of toucans and buzz of power plants reaching fever pitch, it’s time to roll out Tropico’s biggest features.

  • You rule! Develop and manage every aspect of Tropico, from its roads, buildings and people, to its military, trade and foreign policies.
  • Be a visionary leader Transform Tropico into the country you want it to be: a booming tourist paradise, an industrial powerhouse, a police state or all three!
  • Play politics Recount elections, calm unruly elements, manage public opinion and reward your loyal followers…
  • Built for iPad Exercise complete control with an intuitive touch interface and gameplay mechanics designed and refined for mobile gaming.
  • Buy once, rule forever Get the keys to power with one simple payment and no in-app purchases.

Tropico launches on December 18. For screenshots showing the game’s made-for-mobile features and dramatic campaign scenarios, visit the minisite.