Unit battle status gives you the upper hand in ROME: Total War for iPhone

In the real-time clashes of ROME: Total War, your screen becomes a battlefield of marching legionaries and sweeping chariots.

On iPhone, status boxes will appear above engaged units, helping you make informed tactical decisions in the heat of battle. The status boxes show:

  • Icons for unit types — infantry, cavalry, handler, siege or missile
  • Bars for health, morale and ammo
  • Loyalty — the borders of your status boxes are in black, enemies in red, and allies in blue
  • The white flag of retreat

Unit status

Rome wasn't rebuilt in a day… but you can enjoy its construction. Expect further reveals of new features being developed for your iPhone, culminating in the launch of ROME: Total War this summer.

Watch the trailer for a wider view of this glorious Total War classic on mobile.