50 Caliber-Pistols



Grapple Hook



The Scion

Lara’s trademark weapons have unlimited ammo and are good all-around weapons.

A heavy damage-dealing pump-action shotgun, most effective at close range.

This pair of high-caliber pistols has a slightly slower rate of fire than Lara’s normal pistols, but this is offset by increased damage.

Lara’s mini submachine guns have an incredibly fast rate of fire, inflicting extensive damage at the expense of some accuracy.

Lara finds many useful items throughout her adventure including keys, machinery parts and tools.

This metallic grappling hook can latch onto ring-shaped objects, allowing Lara to pull distant objects towards her, scale sheer surfaces, swing across large gaps, and run along walls.

Lara records her thoughts about her current situation in her Journal, which can prove useful in tricky areas.

A staple of the rough-and-rugged adventurer, medipacks allow Lara to treat her injuries in the field.

The fabled Scion of Atlantis is divided into three pieces. Only when all are combined will its true power be revealed.