• Make Hong Kong your stamping ground with Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, which combines amped-up graphics with all the DLC ever released for the game.
  • Tear up an open-world metropolis with four pillars of gameplay: driving, free-running, shooting and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Meet your objectives with speed and style by pushing glamorous sports cars, super-sleek speedboats and powerful motorbikes to their limits.
  • Hit the streets on foot to search neighborhoods for hidden objects, or go free-running over rooftops to chase down enemies.
  • Unleash extraordinary gunplay in explosive shootouts and eliminate rival gangsters with killer accuracy in classic Hong Kong cinematic slow-mo.
  • Execute jaw-dropping martial arts moves, chaining together kicks, leaps and blows to take out multiple rivals with deadly combos.
  • Use everything in the environment to your advantage – creative takedowns are the order of the day.
  • Engage with a huge cast of intriguing characters and uncover every conflict in a brilliant story of honor, loyalty and sacrifice.

Armed with formidable martial arts skills, Wei is heavily outnumbered but totally undeterred by a gang of thugs.

Wei lets someone else handle the driving as he takes out his pursuers with a Machine Pistol.

Wei makes his point clear with sharp use of swordfish.

Wei tears up Hong Kong’s bustling waterfront in a speedboat.