Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition contains all previously available DLC.

New Missions

Year of the Snake

End-of-the-world cultists wish to cleanse Hong Kong to earn their salvation. Restore your honor in the HKPD by sabotaging their crazy scheme across six new missions set after the original Sleeping Dogs story.

Wheels of Fury

Uncover the story of Dr. Tang’s secret prototype super car, the DZS-90 across five all-new missions. Features include concealed roof-mounted twin machine guns, 4-wheel steering, an electronic magnetic pulse, boosted speed and of course, a ton of armor.

Nightmare in North Point

Save Hong Kong from an invasion of vampires, demons, and the ghosts of Wei's past. New moves and weapons are available to help Wei make it through this nightmare.

Triad Enforcer Pack

Two new Triad-trouncing missions await: 'Triad Highway' and 'Death by 1,000 Cuts'. Wear the Triad Enforcer outfit for added Face and more punishing damage.

Police Protection Pack

Play a new police mission,“High Speed” that expands the police side of the Sleeping Dogs experience. Catch criminals like a true SWAT with the SWAT outfit, SWAT police cruiser car and SWAT assault rifle.

Zodiac Tournament

Enter the Zodiac Tournament and overcome the best of the best fighters from across Asia! Learn new fighting styles and fight new combatants in this exclusive fighting tournament.

New Outfits and Vehicles

Martial Arts Pack

Push Wei’s martial arts skills to the max. Unleash the power of the Shaolin with the Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased melee damage), the Shaolin Showdown mission and Wing Chun dummy decoration for your safehouse.

Law Enforcer Pack

New outfits and vehicles: the SWAT Tactical Uniform and Crime Scene Investigator outfit (complete with a nightstick baton), plus five new police vehicles: the SDU Armored Truck, the HKPD Cruiser, the HKPD Motorcycle, the HKPD Van, and the HKPD SUV.

Monkey King Pack

With the power of the immortals great strength is bestowed upon you! While wearing this full-body outfit you are granted a double-handed melee combat staff and can travel across Hong Kong on the unique Cloud Motorcycle.

Movie Masters Pack

Don the outfit of the lone Vigilante, become a legend with the Unknown Warrior outfit, or coat yourself in a metallic armor and take on all manner of attacks with the Bronze Warrior outfit.

Drunken Fist Pack

Don the Drunken Fist outfit to unleash a new fighting style. Filling the Face meter while in combat will enable you to drink from your flask and perform unique special moves and powerful counters. Sway like a drunkard, kick like a mule.

Ghost Pig Pack

Funny and funky headwear for Wei: become the star of the Ghost Pig movie with the comical Ghost Pig mask, then accessorize with Dogeyes’ black fedora hat, an assassin’s straw hat, and a lone sheriff’s hat.

Screen Legends Pack

Two new outfits: The Lightning Warrior outfit comes with a striking look and an everlasting sword, while the Wing Chun Master outfit improves your melee counter strikes and commands mucho respect.

The SWAT Pack

Don a full-bodied SWAT outfit and patrol the streets of Hong Kong in an armored SWAT van. Plow into fugitive vehicles with the van then use it for cover as you take down armed robbers, round up drug runners, bust smugglers, and even resolve hostage situations…

Street Racer Pack

Delve deeper into the underground world of street racing. Three thrilling new races await: Kamikaze, a race up and down Victoria Peak, Cross Island Enduro, an epic endurance motorcycle race, and the high-speed Harbor Run boat race. Also includes a new Sting superbike, a Dragon helmet and a racing jacket, for extra protection from unfriendly fire.

Retro Triad Pack

Get back to the 80s with new hair, accessories, clothes and boots, and combine with a retro-style kung fu van. With this new look everyone will know you are big trouble on the streets of Hong Kong.

GSP Pack

Dress like MMA champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre with this collection of shorts, t-shirts and bandana, and devastate your enemies with GSP’s signature flying punch.

Deep Undercover Pack

Go undercover with the Plain Clothes Detective outfit, the Undercover Police Ghost Car and unlock a CB Radio for your safehouse.

Tactical Soldier Pack

Command authority as you dominate the streets with the Assault Rifle from ‘The Funeral’ and ‘Civil Discord’ missions. Don the full armor set to enjoy a 50 per cent bullet damage resistance.

Gangland Style Pack

Get Wei Shen freshly inked-up in a trio of tattoo schemes in this alternate costume pack. Topple the Triads in street style with a Japanese Yakuza, Russian Mafia, or Maori Mongrel Mob tattoo, each with their own buff.

Square Enix Character Pack

Wei Shen dons three new outfits from Square Enix's Hitman, Just Cause and Deus Ex games. Each outfit includes its own buff and signature weapon.