Out now for macOS

Two incredible films,
one incredible game!

Experience the thrilling adventures of the Parr family as they conquer crime and family life through both Disney-Pixar films, The Incredibles and Incredibles 2, in a LEGO world full of fun and humor.

Explore action-packed story levels and an epic hub world, including the city of Municiberg, as you use your Super abilities to bring Villains to justice and wrestle with baby Jack-Jack’s unpredictable powers.

You can also team up with family and friends in two-player co-op to assemble incredible LEGO builds!

  • Family Teamwork for the Win! Harness Mr Incredible’s super strength, Elastigirl’s flexible transformations and the rest of the Parr family’s awe-inspiring abilities.
  • Build Amazing LEGO Structures. Collect Incredibricks and assemble them into massive structures to advance through your adventures.
  • Fight Crime One Block at a Time. To rid the city of crime, complete action-packed missions and defeat the iconic Super Villains who control each district.
  • Create Your Own Super Hero. Modify your character’s appearance and powers using a Customiser created by Edna Mode, the tiny but fabulous costume designer.
  • Over 100 Playable Characters. Unlock special characters from across the Pixar universe, including Woody from Toy Story, Merida from Brave, and Lightning McQueen from Cars.

Yeah he’s muscly, but Mr Incredible’s greatest strength is his extraordinary family!

Super-speedy Dash makes an quick escape

Violet uses a force-field to shield her Incredible dad

Parr Family Vacation Character Pack included!

In his retro Super Suit, Mr Incredible battles through the jungle

Syndrome, the rocket-powered supervillain

Frozone’s superpower is super-cool

Violet masters her awesome force-field power

Create your own Super Hero

An Omnidroid wreaks havoc in Municiberg

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