(a.k.a. Bruce Wayne)

Batman departs Gotham to take on the galactic threat. An expert combatant, infiltrator and detective, the Dark Knight makes up for his apparent lack of superpowers with an array of advanced gadgets - like his jetpack-equipped Space Suit.

(a.k.a. Tim Drake)

The Boy Wonder is a skilled crime-fighter, but still has much to learn. He’ll need all his martial arts and acrobatic abilities to make it through the cosmos in one piece.

(a.k.a. Kal-El, Clark Kent)

Hailing from the planet Krypton, Superman is gifted with numerous superpowers including heat vision, freeze breath, flight and resistance to most forms of physical harm. Thanks to these abilities, he’s as effective in planet-side brawls as he is shooting down ships in the pure vacuum of space.

Green Lantern
(a.k.a. Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern was chosen to join the Lantern Corps for his incredible willpower, which he channels into a Lantern Ring to create any object he chooses. Unfortunately, his mastery of the mystical Ring also makes him a prime target for Brainiac…


This self-described “collector of civilizations” uses a powerful shrink ray to miniaturize whole cities, which he keeps in glass jars. Now, this extraterrestrial android with a 12th-level intellect is expanding his twisted collection to include entire worlds, and is hypnotizing the Lantern Corps into helping him shrink Earth!


The Clown Prince of Crime will do anything for a laugh, including teaming up with his arch-enemy Batman in the fight against Brainiac. His practical joke props disguise a deadly arsenal, from a shocking joy buzzer to a flower that squirts mind-controlling Joker Venom.

Lex Luthor

To aid in his evil deeds, wealthy genius Lex Luthor has built himself a set of transforming power armor that adapts to whatever challenges he faces. He supports the Justice League in their efforts to save Earth, if only to ensure there will still be a world left to take over afterwards.

Wonder Woman
(a.k.a. Diana Prince)

With superhuman strength, the power of flight and damage-deflecting bracelets, this fearless heroine - a warrior-princess of the almighty Amazons - is tough enough to take on any villain, earthly or extraterrestrial, that crosses her path.

The Flash
(a.k.a. Barry Allen)

A freak chemical accident transformed this easy-going police scientist into the Fastest Man Alive, capable of running faster than the speed of light! He also has amazing agility and can build even the most complicated LEGO devices in the blink of an eye.

Martian Manhunter
(a.k.a. J’onn J’onzz,
John Jones)

Since being unexpectedly teleported to Earth, Martian Manhunter has earned an honorable place in the Justice League. His alien physique grants him such incredible powers as flight, super strength, shapeshifting and the ability to mind-control other beings.

Saint Walker

The founding member of the Blue Lantern Corps, Saint Walker can create any object he wishes by channeling the power of hope into his Lantern Ring. The Justice League will need his help - and his ring - if they’re to save Earth from Brainiac’s devastating shrink ray.


A former Green Lantern discharged for abusing his power, Sinestro wields a yellow Lantern Ring that is fuelled by pure fear. With the ability to create any object simply by imagining it, Sinestro is just as powerful as his former allies…and a lot more dangerous.