Nakajima B5N 'Kate'

Known to the Japanese as the 'Type 97 Carrier Attack Bomber', this plane has been in service with the IJN as a torpedo bomber since 1939. Like the British Swordfish and the American Devastator, it is now considered obsolete, and is due to be replaced by the B6N. It has seen combat in the Sino-Japanese War, where it was found to be somewhat slow and poorly protected, and has received an engine modification as a result. It is primarily used as a torpedo bomber, but can also be equipped with a bomb load as well.
Max. Speed311 mph
Armament2x 7.7 mm machine gun, 1x torpedo or 500kg bomb

Aichi D3A 'Val'

This carrier-based dive bomber is known by the codename 'Val' to the Allies, while the Japanese Navy terms it the 'Navy Type 99 Carrier Bomber Model 11'. In service since 1939, it is easily recognisable through its fixed landing gear; as it travels at lower speeds than fighter craft, a retractable gear is not necessary. It is a highly manoeuvrable and stable aeroplane; indeed, it is so agile that it can serve as a fighter plane if needs be.
Max. Speed311 mph
Armament2x .50cal machine gun, 1x 1000 lbs bomb or depth charge

Mitsubishi A6M Zero-Sen 'Zeke'

Known to the Imperial Japanese Navy as the "Type 0 Carrier Fighter", this is one of the finest planes currently serving in any air force. Capable of higher speeds than any comparable American plane, and more manoeuvrable to boot, it also boasts a hugely powerful armament of two 7.7mm machine guns and two 20mm cannon which fire explosive shells, giving it the power to shred any enemy in seconds.
Max. Speed398 mph
Armament6x .50cal machine guns, Optional: 2x 100-pound bombs

Mitsubishi G4M 'Betty'

Known to the Allies by the call-sign "Betty", to Japanese servicemen this plane is nicknamed the Hamaki, or "Cigar", thanks to its cylindrical shape. It was commissioned in 1937, following the successful deployment of its predecessor, the "Nell", in China. Very high specifications were set for the "Betty" in terms of top speed, altitude and range, and the result was an aircraft with very good performance. However, to achieve these specifications, it was necessary for the design team make the plane very lightly armoured, making it very vulnerable to enemy fire.
Max. Speed311 mph
Armament3x 7.7mm machine gun, 2x 20mm machine gun, 8x 250kg bomb or 1x torpedo