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Feral Plays Company of Heroes on iPad

Company of Heroes coming to iPad February 13

Company of Heroes Coming to iPad


US riflemen crawl past barricades to take down Wehrmacht Nebelwerfer artillery units.

The Command Wheel is used to quickly build a Tank Depot for the American Forces.

The US M26 Pershing Heavy Tank blasts the Wehrmacht’s legendary Tiger Ace.

Under cover of darkness, the US paratrooper squad infiltrates a German rocket launch facility.

The Group Panel is used to organise ranger squads for an assault on the Axis HQ.


Use the Group Panel on the right to drag and drop units into engagements.

Tap and hold a unit to display its Command Wheel.

The Tactical Map offers a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield for major tactical decisions.

Draw lines of sandbags and other field defences.

Use the panel on the right to organise your units into easily selectable groups.

All GIFs captured from a development version of the game running on an iPad.