There are four Strongholds in the Wasteland. Each Stronghold can act as a base of operations, granting Max respite from the unforgiving Wasteland, and providing a place for him to store captured vehicles and replenish his health and supplies.

Each Stronghold has a charismatic leader. Ally with these rulers and liberate their lands, and you'll unite them against your common enemy, Scabrous Scrotus, the psychotic warlord and Protector of Gastown.


Deep Friah is Gastown's preacher. He is the leader of the “wildfire” cult that worships the “great flame”. Its members believe in death by fire as the way to freedom in the afterlife. Their stronghold, the Temple, is in the Dumps region close to Gastown.

Steel Ship

Gutgash is the leader of the Rust Bastion, a gang that resides in the remains of an old oil tanker in the Parch Moon region. Gutgash tells his people they are rebuilding the ship in the hope that one day the water will return. However, the reality is that he wants to reinforce his Stronghold in order to make it robust against attack by Scabrous Scrotus's War Boys.


Jeet is the young leader of Balefire Flatland, a large stronghold in the Great White, a region of the Wasteland that was once a sea. Jeet's Stronghold is built inside an old lighthouse, and fortified so that it now resembles a medieval fort. He suffers from excruciating headaches but has learned that they can be controlled by inflicting pain on other parts of his body. Like Max, he is obsessed by reaching the Plains of Silence.


Pink Eye is a Wasteland veteran with the scars to prove it; she lost her legs in a road war many years ago. Her Stronghold, an old, fortified power plant located in the Knit Sack region, serves well enough as a deterrent against low-level bandits, but should a War Boys raiding party attack, the story might be very different.