A champion from every discipline – left to right: a Pagani Zonda for Street Racing, a Dallara for Open Wheel Racing, an Audi for Touring, a Nissan for Endurance and a Mazda for Drifting.

Huge trackside lamps illuminate a powerful McLaren 12C GT3 blazing through the night.

A Drift-Tuned Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) burns up Yas Marina as it powers its way to the finish line.

A Dallara F312 uses its advanced aerodynamics to blast into a corner at Hockenheim.


  • GRID Autosport fuses together fantasy and reality, letting you feel that authentic handling while you reach for your dreams.
  • Unleash the raw speed of the McLaren 12C GT3, Dallara F312, Drift-Tuned Mazda RX-7 (FD3S), Audi RS 5, Pagan Zonda Revolución and 75 other highly-desirable rides.
  • Brave the intensity of full-contact Touring events, maintain focus in all-night Endurance races, master the precision of Open-Wheel driving, sharpen your reaction times on Street circuits, and finesse your car control in heavy-modified Tuner cars.
  • Race elbows-out at Hockenheim, slide through Abu Dhabi at Yas Marina, brave the tight corners of San Francisco, and floor it around 19 other speed-friendly locations worldwide.
  • You set the bar: customise the difficulty level as and when you see fit, opting in and out of ABS, automatic transmission, flashbacks and other assists.
  • Go the extra mile with cross-platform multiplayer: challenge your rivals on Mac, Linux and Windows and overwhelm them with your skill and resolve. Cross-platform multiplayer is Steam-only.
  • Gain momentum with all DLC for GRID Autosport, from additional cars, tracks and liveries to the straight-line head-to-head passes of drag racing.