Here is why Warhammer® 40,000®: Dawn of War® II is the grimdark game of choice for players across the Milky Way.

Press Reviews

One part hypercharged tactical combat, one part streamlined competitive RTS, and entirely worth playing.


For a game that tosses so many RTS conventions out the window, Dawn of War II is a surprisingly solid real-time strategy title that pretty much lays down the gauntlet for any game that follows in its wake.

Worth Playing

Dawn of War II skips the pleasantries of base-building and gets right to the point: action-packed, bloody warfare (with loot!)

PC Gamer

Replay value is off the map. It's like two games in one with plenty to go back for.

Cheat Code Control

The overall "feel" of the multiplayer game is terrific and the basic gameplay paradigm works to create a game that's deep, rich and thoroughly satisfying.


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