La version Windows de LEGO Batman a reçu la note moyenne de 80%. Ci-dessous vous trouverez un échantillon "impartial" des tests les mieux écrits.

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"Another fantastic LEGO game. LEGO Batman is simple enough for kids to mash their way through, but addicting and deep enough to hold the interest of their parents, and the rare game perfect for them to play together."


"A thoroughly entertaining game that has a wide appeal for young and old. The low level of violence and simplicity of challenge makes it easy to play. A good solid family game that we highly recommend. "


"The best looking LEGO game yet"


"The charm of the LEGO characters is intact and many of the cutscenes are funny. Batman remains stoic, Robin is a goofball, and the villains are all wonderfully insane. The characters are perfect LEGO representations of their comic-book counterparts"

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