La version Windows de Battlestations: Pacific a reçu la note moyenne de 74%. Ci-dessous vous trouverez un échantillon "impartial" des tests les mieux écrits.

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"There aren't a lot of games that offer as much variety as Battlestations: Pacific does. Yet impressively, no feature seems as if it received the short end of the stick; each gameplay element stands out on its own. Combined, they lead to an exciting and varied experience that should appeal to action junkies and armchair tacticians alike."


"…if you're a World War II fan who's tired of the endless string of shooters or you feel that you've seen Normandy Beach one too many times, then you might want to check this distinctive and engaging World War II game out."

The Onion A.V. Club

"Naval battles are traditionally the domain of the wonkiest World War II games, but Battlestations: Pacific revels in ocean warfare without forcing players into chart-and-compass hell."