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    • Lao Che
    • Nativo/miembro de la tribu
    • Spalko
    • Excavador de El Cairo
    • Calavera de cristal
    • Mecánico enemigo
    • Major Toht
    • Willie
    • Sacerdote Belloq
    • Profesor Henry Jones
    • Mola Ram
    • Mutt
    • Indiana Jones
    • Marion Ravenwood
    • Tapón
  • Spalko

    Irina Spalko, la atractiva científica rusa, quiere el poder. ¿Cómo lo consigue? Ella confía en el conocimiento. En el conocimiento total. No tiene ni idea del destino que la aguarda.

  • Marion Ravenwood

    Weapon/Skill: High Jump

    As the daughter of a notable archaeology professor she grew up tagging along on some dangerous quests. Her friendship with Indiana Jones started in her teenage years, but ended abruptly. Later the two were reunited in the quest of a lifetime.

  • Short Round

    Real name: Wan Li

    Weapon/Skill: Small Access

    As a young orphan boy he learned tough lessons and great survival skills on the streets of Shanghai. His friendship with Indiana Jones helped him escape his hard life and presented him with new opportunities in America.

  • Professor Henry Jones, Senior.

    Weapon/Skill: Academic Access

    Phobia: Rats

    The father of Indiana Jones and a famed archaeology professor known around the world. His undeniable crusade to find the Holy Grail could very well be his last...

  • Mola Ram

    Weapon/Skill: Melee

    Mola Ram is one of the world’s last High Priests of Kali's Temple. His one passion is to restore Kali's Temple to its former glory by stealing the Sankara Stones and using their magical powers to become the most powerful ruler in all the land.

  • Mutt

    Straight out of the 1950's comes Mutt, a greaser with a thing for his bikes and his knife. He also has a penchant for getting himself in over his head. Luckily, Indy is there to give him a hand when he needs it. Good thing, too, since it turns out Indy has known Mutt's mother for years.

  • Major Arnold Toht

    Weapon/Skill: Soldier Access

    A top agent with the secret German police he was trained in the art of combat, interrogation and espionage. His mission is to find the headpiece for the Staff of Ra which is key to locating the Ark of the Covenant.

  • Willie Scott

    Real name: Wilhelmina Scott

    Weapon/Skill: Scream

    Phobia: Bugs

    A gifted singer and dancer she longs to make a name for herself as a star in New York or Hollywood. Her chance meeting with Indiana Jones leads to an adventure she will never forget.

  • Rene Belloq

    That little smirk. He thinks he knows everything. It's time for Indy to take him down a few notches with a well placed whip.

  • Cairo Digger

    Slaving away is difficult work, especially when all you do is dig! Dig! Dig! It gets very repetitive. Luckily, nobody will ever know his secret identity. Neither do we, actually. I wonder if he has any super powers.

  • Crystal Skull

    A skull made of crystal, this ancient relic has properties not understood by science. Incredibly magnetic, there is something residing inside which seems to be magic. It seems to be almost spiritual. Amazingly, it is neither.

  • Enemy Mechanic

    He has two things going for him, and one strike against him. He is strong as an ox, and he can fight. The problem is, neither of those things protects you from propeller blades. Shame, too, Indy could use a mechanic.

  • Lao Che

    A debonair man-about-town, Lao Che is the owner of the famous and trendy Lao Che Lounge, the nightclub where Wilhelmina is Willie, and Indy leaves his hat at home so he may enjoy the drinks. And the antidote.

  • Native

    Watch out for the arrows, darts, slingshots, and more from these ubiquitous tribesmen. You will have to overcome their sheer numbers. And there are a lot of them.

  • Spalko

    The alluring Russian scientist, Irina Spalko seeks power. How does she get it? She believes through knowledge. Total knowledge. Little does she know exactly what fate has in store for her.