Batten down the hatches — Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection deployed to the Mac App Store

Company of Heroes 2 on the Mac App Store has been updated to the Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection, and now uses Feral’s latest libraries and Apple’s Metal graphics API.

The Master Collection comes fully loaded with the exhilarating RTS, its entire catalogue of DLC, and all three expansions:

  • The Western Front Armies changes the course of multiplayer warfare by bringing the US Forces and the German Oberkommando West to Skirmish mode.
  • Ardennes Assault puts you in command of the US Forces in a fast-paced single-player campaign against the formidable German war machine.
  • The British Forces lets you fight for King and Country across northwest Europe and into Nazi Germany.

If you bought your copy of Company of Heroes 2 from the Mac App Store, upgrade for free to the complete Master Collection. Or buy now for just $39.99/£38.99.