XCOM 2 launches with day-one mods for Mac and Linux – only on Steam!

Long War Studios partners with Firaxis to bring the first mods to Steam Workshop.

One of the most exciting features of XCOM 2 is that it is so 'mod-friendly', and we're excited to tell you that the first mods are out today. They’re fully compatible with the Mac and Linux versions of XCOM 2 and they're free!

XCOM 2 developer Firaxis has been working closely with Long War Studios, the team behind the Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, to release a suite of great mods:

SMG-series Weapon Mod

This weapon does less damage and has less ammo than the Assault Rifle, but enables a soldier to get around the map quicker and makes him harder to detect.

XCOM Leader Mod

These new abilities give your soldiers special ‘leadership’ skills, which can help the entire team. You can only have one Leader in a squad at a time.

Muton Centurion Mod

A new enemy: a smarter, more powerful version of the Muton, which has new abilities that will help the entire alien squad. The Muton Centurion is encountered about halfway through the campaign.

To install these mods, navigate to XCOM 2 in your Steam client and click the Browse the Workshop button. Now select the mod you want to install and hit the Subscribe button.

In order to set up your game to use mods, first launch to the XCOM 2 main menu, then quit and relaunch.

Now to enable the mods in the game, navigate to the Mods tab on the XCOM 2 pre-game Options window and select the mods you wish to play with.

Your selected mods will now be useable!

Note: once you create a save game that uses a mod, it must remain installed for the save game to function.

Modding for XCOM 2 is Steam only; it is not currently available for the Mac App Store version of the game.

XCOM 2 is available now from Steam and the Feral Store and is coming to the Mac App Store soon. Double-time it over to the XCOM 2 minisite for more info.