John Hammond

Jurassic Park’s founder hopes that Dr. Alan Grant will endorse the incredible attraction.

Alan Grant

Paleontologist Alan is amazed when he encounters living dinosaurs at Jurassic Park!

Owen Grady

When disaster strikes Jurassic World, it’s up to Raptor trainer Owen to save the day.

Claire Dearing

The ambitious operations manager of Jurassic World will do almost anything to raise attendance.

Robert Muldoon

Jurassic Park’s warden is an expert in Raptor behavior.

Dennis Nedry

Dennis’ attempt to steal dinosaur embryos causes a catastrophe at Jurassic Park.


The frilled Dilophosaurus spits venom at its unfortunate prey.


A flock of flying Pteranodons rules the skies over Isla Sorna.

Indominus Rex

This terrifying genetic hybrid was created to be Jurassic World's star attraction.


The agile and highly intelligent Raptors work together to hunt and take down their prey.

T. rex

The mighty T. rex is Jurassic Park’s apex predator.


Gentle giant Triceratops
can still cause
havoc with its
horned, armoured head.


What these vicious little dinosaurs lack in size, they make up for in numbers.


With its huge jaws, the formidable Spinosaurus terrorizes Isla Sorna.