The Battle Pack

Buy Now! The Battle Pack

Middle-earth is full of danger, so make sure you’re prepared with this treasure trove of seven exquisite armor pieces and four finely-forged weapons! Destroy Morgul LEGO with the Shadow Sword, shrug off arrows with Jeweled Mithril Armor and rock some blocks with the Axe Guitar.

The Big Little Character Pack

Buy Now! The Big Little Character Pack

Take some friends on your adventures with five additional characters! Stomp out foes as a Snow Troll Big Fig, breath fire as Baby Smaug, and brandish a tiny battleaxe as Baby Gimli. Plus, catch a ride on the back of a giant Spider to explore Middle-earth on eight legs!

The Side Quest Character Pack

Buy Now! The Side Quest Character Pack

Play as five additional heroes hailing from every corner of Middle-earth! Wield the mighty sword of Lord Girion of Dale, kick back as Saruman in his “day off” casualwear, and saddle up for a ride on Thranduil’s noble Elk.