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  • REAL NAME: Bruce Wayne
  • OCCUPATION: CEO/Philanthropist
  • EYES: Blue
  • HAIR: Black
  • HEIGHT: 1,88 m
  • WEIGHT: 95 kg

When his parents were gunned down in front of him, young Bruce Wayne resolved to rid Gotham City of the criminal element that took their lives. He trained extensively to achieve mental and physical perfection, in addition to mastering martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal psychology. Dressing as a bat to prey on criminals' fears, Batman fights crimes with the aid of specialized gadgets and vehicles, operating out of his secret Batcave below Wayne Manor.

  • Attributes:
  • Trained to a physical and mental peak
  • Arsenal of gadgets, vehicles, and advanced technology
  • Inventor, detective, genius-level intelligence
  • Expert in most known forms of martial arts
  • Trained in all aspects of criminology
  • Mastery of the physical sciences
  • Computer expert
  • Master of disguise
  • Photographic memory
  • Trained in stealth and espionage techniques
  • Expert escape artist