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Press Reviews

  • A great addition to the franchise, and one of the few games that completely destroys the expectations that a movie based game has to be bad.

  • It’s a conflicting place of despair, a personal playground of explosive action and compulsive, unending progression that I can’t wait to get back to, and one hell of a ride.

  • In the end, Mad Max is a great addition to the open-world action adventure genre that is as slick and memorable as the Hollywood blockbuster film, Mad Max Fury Road.

    Impulse Gamer
  • Burning through the wasteland in a guzzolene-fuelled killing machine and smashing desert raiders at high speed is a perfect screen-to-screen translation of this seminal cinematic series.


User Reviews

  • Great fun in a great setting. Combat is similar to Batman games, graphics are gorgeous both in-game and in cutscenes. Voice acting is great and fits the weirdo characters of the wasteland perfectly. All round a well-polished and very fun experience.

    Metacritic user review
  • I enjoyed my time with Mad Max. I completed it with a smile on my face. Sometimes, that's enough.

    Metacritic user review
  • Like the original 1979 film, Mad Max seems destined to be a cult classic; beloved by many.

    Steam user review
  • So much content, such great optimization, such a compelling story, such memorable characters... this game exceeded all expectations. I very highly recommend this to pretty much everybody. Play it.

    Steam user review

Quotes taken from reviews of the console and PC versions of Mad Max.

Feral Says...

Buy Mad Max if...

  • Loved Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Enjoy high-octane vehicular combat
  • Want to immerse yourself in a beautiful open world

Don't buy Mad Max if...

  • Are offended by violence
  • Find side quests a chore
  • Have a low-spec machine