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iPad Press Reviews

A faithful port of the original title […] No question, if you enjoyed the PC original, you will like ROME: Total War for iPad.


The attention to detail is very high and its clear Feral gave the soldiers a new layer of polish to better shine on more modern devices. […] Feral didn't skimp on units or options in the battle simulation to simplify things for the iPad, which is commendable and something tactical gamers, and long-time fans of the game, will certainly appreciate. […] ROME: Total War is one of my favorite games of all time and I'm very happy I can now play it on my primary gaming device, my iPad Pro. The beauty of the game remains in the interplay between the strategy and tactical elements. The ability to play both leader and general, stepping from a macro to micro view and back again, is something that few games have successfully replicated since ROME: Total War showed us the way.

Pocket Tactics

As well as being a steal of an iPad game, it’s also interesting to see Rome make it to tablets. I remember when it was a reasonably cutting-edge game that taxed most mid-range laptops, and sometimes ran my poor old Dell into the ground. Now, it seems like even a two-year-old iPad can handle it with ease. Progress marches on, just like my legionaries.


Battles are an incredible marriage of visual spectacle and tactical nous. The game rewards sensible use of combined arms […] the experience is as addictive as ever it was, nurturing your digital world and watching it grow. Except more so, because every fight isn't a quick animation of icons smashing in to each other. It's a whole battle you can control, if you wish, or set to resolve instantly if you don't. […]

All this has, of course, been part of the Total War franchise on PC for years. But there's almost nothing on mobile that can match this for scale and depth. Watching hundreds of legionaries scale ladders and leap into melee atop the wall of a Greek city state on your iPad screen is just incredible.

It's even had a facelift. Textures are a little better than the 2004 PC original, and resolution is much sharper.

Pocket Gamer

iPad Community

Feral have done a fantastic job porting the full-fat version of the game over to iOS.

IslaDaddy on the App Store

Such a great game and it ports across so well; smooth, and controls are very intuitive.

Adam on the App Store

The game is the perfect implementation for the iPad and includes the full range of ROME: Total War. Such games are a real rarity in App Store! Absolutely recommend!

Fanatiker on the App Store

Still remember upgrading my rig for this back in the day. Now you can play it while on the toilet. What a time to be alive!

Grant on Facebook

This is a must have for any Total War fan. Really brings the spirit of the original ROME: Total War to your iPad. Well-made, fun game to play.

KBM review on the App Store

ROME: Total war is one of my favourite real-time strategy games, so it is with great pleasure that I tell you that this port is wonderful. It is faithful, runs well, and plays great.

62josh62 on the App Store

This game is a shining example of just how successful a port to iOS can, and should, be. In my youth I sank more hours than I'd care to admit into the original PC version of this game, and I'm happy to report that none of the magic is lost by bringing it to iOS. The controls are fluid and intuitive, the graphics have been given a welcome polish, and there's plenty of help on hand should you have any questions about how a particular feature works. Overall this wonderful app truly is a gem, and I have no doubt that soon it will soar to lofty heights and join the ranks of the most beloved blockbuster titles available to us on this platform.

Confliction182 on the App Store

If you want an easy and quick way to play the awesome ROME: Total War, then buy this.

Ratboysrule on the App Store

It's ROME: Total War in all its imperial glory. Mastered for touch screen, everything works and everything in the original PC game is here and intact.

Sp0nger on the App Store

If you love strategy games you have probably played the original on PC. For a tablet version it really does it justice […] same classic gameplay, same great battles and very stable […] thank you Feral Interactive for bringing this to the iPad! A must for all strategy fans.

Gulaas on the App Store

It was a fantastic game on PC now just as good on iPad. Controls work fine, graphics great, easily the best strategy game for the iPad.

Swiftpoison on the App Store